Andrew Kolasinski

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Scott Metcalf’s hypnotherapy has helped me in several ways. Initially the therapy helped me cope with an injury from a car accident. With hypnotic suggestions I was eventually able to use my minds own ability to heal my body. I stopped a cycle of muscle tension that prolonged the pain.
Later sessions focused on improving my career performance. With hypnotherapy I was able to overcome insecurities and fears and direct my attention towards my goals. The results were noticeably concrete. I earned more money and learned to enjoy the sales aspect of my business instead of avoiding it. Subsequent sessions re-enforced my new positive attitude towards a once a detested task.
Another group of hypnotherapy sessions helped me to harness my creativity and strengthen my perseverance. I was able to create new, greater and more rewarding projects.
Each time I have taken hypnotherapy with Scott Metcalf my life has improved. I recommend his services to anyone who strives to improve their life.
Andrew Kolasinski, author and publisher based in Nanaimo, B.C.