Glen K. Balin

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I initially sought out hypnotherapy to help me regain memory loss due to a hit and run accident that I had survived as a child.
Scott helped me connect my conscious and subconscious memory of the event while making sure I felt safe. He gave me the tools I needed to be in a secure place emotionally and understand the event with an intellectual frame of mind.
Both Scott and my current physician let me know that there were parts of my memory that I would most likely not recover.
After my first session I realized that my focus had changed from retrieving specific memories to working on my own self esteem, depression, and the need to move forward, instead of dwelling on events that would not serve me in any way at this point in my life.
As a result I am continuing to reinforce the progressive and positive messages that Scott has given me throughout our hypnotherapy sessions and his knowledge of the subconcious mind.
I thank you Scott.
Sincerely, Glen K. Balin
C.S.W. , M.H.C.S.W.