The Scale of suggestibility

(If you would like to know where you fall on the scale of suggestibility, simply click on “Communications Questionnaire” at the top of the page under Assessments, answer the yes or no questions, click on send in the box at the bottom, and I will reply with your score.)

Hypnotherapy is a different experience for each individual because we all have different degrees of suggestibility. We all fall somewhere between 1 to 100 on the suggestibility scale. Those who fall between 1 to 49 on the scale are emotional or indirect suggestibles. The traits of an indirect suggestible are that they think first and act later, are more likely to be introverts. They speak literally and understand inferentially… reads between the lines and thinks “what do they really mean by that?”, and can be very analytical. They respond to inferred suggestions, and use their emotions to protect their body.

On the other end of the scale are physical or direct suggestibles whose score is between 50 to 100. The traits of a direct suggestible are that they act first and think later, more likely to be extroverts, like to be the life of the party, and speak inferentially, understands literally, responds to direct suggestions, and uses their body to protect their emotions.
Direct suggestibles are perfect candidates for stage hypnosis because while in hypnosis they respond to direct suggestions, as long as a suggestion doesn’t conflict with their core values or belief system. This is why direct suggestibles respond to a stage hypnotists suggestions and do things under hypnosis that an indirect suggestible wouldn’t.

A stage hypnotist knows how to determine those who are direct suggestibles. He gives a simple suggestion to the audience like “intertwine your fingers and imagine or feel that they won’t come apart, and the harder you try the more they stick together”. Then the hypnotist observes the audience and notices those that can’t seem to get their hands apart. This is how the hypnotist knows that they are most likely to be a direct suggestible and a perfect candidate to be a stage hypnosis volunteer.
It is very helpful for a hypnotherapist to determine where a client falls on the suggestibility scale so that they can better understand how to communicate to the subconscious using organic language that will integrate suggestions that will be easier for the subconscious mind to follow.
*Just a reminder that If you are curious where you fall on the suggestibility scale, click on the communications questionnaire under assessments at the top of the page, answer the yes or no questions, and click the send box and I will reply with your score, and then you can determine which traits you possess and how you might respond while in hypnosis.

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